Struggling Newspaper Biz Means Cheap Ad Rates

Time for some good news – bad news. Good news for hypnotists who want low cost advertising and bad news if you are in the Newspaper Industry…

  • Newspaper circulation down an average of 10% in last four years.
  • Los Angeles Times is off 20%, and the San Francisco Chronicle readership is down a whopping 30%. Ouch!
  • On March 28, Editor & Publisher reported the “biggest ad revenue plunge in 50 years—off 9.4% over the prior year.”
  • 200 staff at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer were let go, and Le Monde in Paris axed 130
  • The Journal Register Co. in New Haven, CT was recently wiped off the New York Stock Exchange because of its “abnormally low” stock price.
  • Newspaper stock prices are headed toward the basement. Sell Sell Sell!

Two quick takeaway points here:

1. Newspapers are normally tricky to advertise in anyway unless you know how to write headlines to cut through the clutter. It’s a broad cross section audience so you have to be good to attract the right target readers.

2. Newspapers are now DESPERATE for revenue. You should be able to get ad space at rock bottom prices.

If you have been thinking about testing some local ads in your paper, call them up and beat them down on rates. Hold your ground and I’ll be you’ll get a great deal.

Just be sure you still use a good headline!

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