Ten Ways To Make More Profit From Your World Hypnotism Day Event

Getting people to your World Hypnotism Day event is only half the battle.  To really make huge profits and fill your calender with excited new clients, you need to plan your event with the goal of signing them up on the spot.

It starts with you realizing this is not just a talk or a demonstration.  You need to think of this as a crucial part of your marketing, and structure your talk to lead the audience to realize you are the BEST solution to ________________  (smoking, weight loss, pain management, phobias, sports performance enhancement, etc.) World Hypnotism Day


Here are ten ways you can structure your talk to help you make more profit from your event.

1. POSITION YOUR SELF AS AN EXPERT – Focus on your strengths.  What is it you do in your practice that makes you the most money?  If it’s weight loss, then you are a Weight Loss Expert or Weight Loss Specialist.  If it’s stop smoking clients, then you are a Smoking Cessation Expert.

Marketing your business is all about self promotion. 
If you don’t do this for yourself no one else will.

When you do this as a speaker, the fact that you are in front of the room gives you instant status as an expert.  Use this to drive the point home that you are a specialist in something.  This helps them know exactly what problem(s) you can solve for them.

This also means any printed materials you pass out that day should focus on you as an expert in one or two things at most.

Remember the old saying:  "Jack of all trades – master of none!"

2.  OPEN WITH A STRONG STATEMENT TO GRAB ATTENTION – You want the first words out of your mouth to immediately get everyone focused on you.  A huge mistake most people make in presentations is to start with a weak or boring statement.  Do NOT get up and say "My name is so-and-so and I’d like to thank Jim, Bob, & Thelma for having me here today", because you’ll put the audience to sleep.

State a BIG PROMISE that will stimulate intense curiosity. Be outrageous.    Be controversial.  Do anything but be ordinary and boring.

For example: "I can help anyone stop smoking in less than 2 hours, even if you are a 20 pack a day chain smoker"

"You can lose all the weight you want without diets, pills, or getting sweaty at the gym but you’ll never do it with willpower.  You are about to learn the secret to a slimmer trimmer you"

"I can teach you to control and minimize any and all pain in your body without ever taking a pain pill again"

"Without picking up a club once, you can improve your golf score by 10 strokes in 10 days"

3. USE THE PROBLEM – AGITATE – SOLVE FORMULA – this is a time tested structure for leading an audience to see you as the best possible solution. 

Start with the problem (smoking is bad for your health, pain makes your life miserable, etc.). 

Agitate it by making it an emotional issue.  Tell stories about people who have this problem and how it affects their life.  Don’t just use statistics, bring in the human element. 

Address the myths associated with this issue.  Also be sure you explain why other possible solutions are not as effective or have harmful side effects.

Show how your solution works to solve the problem.

4. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH PROOF – You want to have as much Proof Elements in your presentation as possible. 

Proof Elements like:

  • scientific proof
  • client success stories
  • stories in the media about how hypnosis works
  • celebrity stories about how hypnosis works
  • client testimonials
  • your own personal story (if it applies)
  • before and after pictures (for weight loss, nail biting etc.)
  • hospitals using hypnosis
  • if you get doctor referrals
  • endorsements from any local ‘players’ in your city
  • demonstrations

Any thing you can to do to offer overwhelming proof of your ‘big promise’ will help the audience to believe you are indeed the best possible solution.

– We humans love to know our fellow humans have tried something and recommend it.  This is one of the strongest proof elements and is one that is sadly under utilized by Hypnotists.

You want to have testimonials everywhere.  On any piece of paper you handout.  On your website. On order forms.  On the door of your business.  On the walls of your office. On your business card.  And make sure you include them in your talk.

You can do it in your talk by telling a story about the client and then showing a copy of their written thank you (testimonial).   Call it a ‘case study’ or ‘success story’.

I’ll say this again.  Hypnotists do not use testimonials enough!

6.  TELL YOUR STORY – Instead of giving your background and credentials, tell a short story about how you became a hypnotist and Expert in your field.  People will identify with you and connect with you as they hear your story and get to know you and why hypnosis is your passion.

My story is about how I went from being a Silicon Valley engineer to a Hypnotist To A Direct Marketing Copywriter and Strategist.   You learn a lot about me when you hear this story and also how I too struggled to get clients as a hypnotist and that’s what lead me to discover Direct Response Marketing and my passion in life.

Here’s one thing you can count on in marketing your business.  I learned this from my friend Craig Garber, and he learned it when he interned with the legendary marketing genius Gary Halbert…

"People don’t care how much you know,
until they know how much you care"

— Gary Halbert

When you tell your story, people will be able to understand you really care about your clients and helping them live better lives.  Then they will be much more open to what you can do for them.

7. HAVE AN OFFER READY – Your event is to help you get more clients and to make money.  Don’t be afraid to pitch at the end.  You don’t have to be like a used car salesman.  If you’ve done the above steps, and you have the right audience… people will be chomping at the bit to get what you offer.

There are two secrets that make it easy to sell at the end of your presentation.

  • Have an Irresistable Offer!  This means something that is so good they would feel like a fool to pass it up.
  • Invite them to Try.  Make the next step Risk-Free for them. You can do this in many ways.  Such as offer a guarantee like "If after the first session you aren’t 100% convinced you were hypnotized, you tell me and I’ll give you a full refund no hassle and no questions asked".  Or you can sign them up for a Free Evaluation Session or Problem Prevention Audit.

– It’s so easy to do this with hypnosis.  Give them an experience that will have them talking to their friends and family when they leave.  Use the simple easy to do suggestibility tests, convincers, and if you know how some simple stage hypnosis.

Here are some that any hypnotist should be able to do:

  • Balloons & Buckets – this is a good one because even if some people resist your instructions, others will follow them 100%.  So when you have everyone open their eyes you can say "look around the room" and they will see how it worked for the group.  Then you explain that the only reason it doesn’t work is if you have fear and don’t follow the suggestions.
  • Rubber Band On Fingers – This one should work no matter who tries to resist since fingers fatigue at some point.  But those who follow suggestion get the effect right away and will usually make some surprise noise.  You’ll get lots of giggles and smiles fro the group.
  • Group Relaxation Induction – Take the group into trance and make them feel really good.  What better gift could you give them than to take their stress away and give them positive suggestions for the New Year.  Be sure to give suggestions for convincers such as time dilation or noticing a color, so they will know they were hypnotized.
  • Simple Stage Hypnosis – I like hypnotic glue myself.  Hand stuck to forehead.  Butt stuck to chair. Those are always fun.  I recommend finding one very suggestible person from the previous ‘tests’ and bringing them to the front of the room.  You should only do this if you are comfortable and confident, but it’s a great crowd pleaser.

Here’s a little secret… these are all killer Proof Elements!  Even for those who deliberately resist your suggestions, they get to see other people getting the results.

One more thing, this is important.  Don’t do a deep relaxation induction at the end.  You don’t want them to be too relaxed to buy your services.  Do it in the middle somewhere to give them a chance to be at full consciousness when you make your offer.

– Right after you make your opening statement, tell them your rules for your presentation.  This is how you take control of the audience and is important if you don’t want to be interrupted by questions or cell phones.

My rules are:

  • All Cell Phones OFF
  • Hold all questions to the end

I generally state them like this:  "I have a lot of material to cover today and I want to make sure I get through as much as possible.  Please turn all cell phones off so we won’t be interrupted and you won’t be embarrased when it rings.  Also please hold your questions till the end of the talk.  Write them down when you think of them and I’ll spend as much time as needed after the talk to answer each of your questions"

I have been to talks where the speaker states the rule that any cell phone that rings means the person has just made a $100 donation to a charity.  It’s very effective at getting cell phone ringers turned off.

– This is the single biggest mistake I see in the Hypnosis profession.  Hypnotists do not follow up with anybody! 

Anyone who shows up at your event is interested enough to give up time in their day to hear what you have to say.  They have effectively raised their hand and said I want to know more.  You are doing them a favor by following up.

Even if they don’t want to stop smoking or lose weight, they probably know someone else who does.

Get full contact info…  Full name, mailing address, phone numbers, and email.  I like to also ask a question like  "what’s your most burning question about ___________"  (how to lose weight, how to stop smoking, how to control pain, how to improve your golf game, etc.)

A simple way to get contact information is to offer to send them a Hypnosis CD.  You could also send them a recording of the talk you just gave.  Or just send them a CD of the same Stress Buster Induction you did with them.

In other words, it’s an exchange.  They give you contact info, you give them something in return. 

When you send the CD, you include a reminder of the offer you made them.  It’s that simple and you will be amazed at how many more sales you will make.

Follow up THREE TIMES at a minimum.  Use direct mail. Send postcards.  Email is way too easy to ignore.


Remember, you aren’t selling hypnosis.  You are offering a solution to a problem.  And you want to focus on the problem that brings in the most revenue in your practice.

Have something for them to take home.  I would make it an order form that states your offer and is covered with testimonials on the back side.  Have instructions on how they can take advantage of your offer.  Assume nothing, tell them exactly how to buy your services.

Time limit your offer.  Give them at most 21 days.  If you don’t do this, they won’t take action.  If you don’t believe me, try it and see how many people contact you on the last day before your offer expires.  It’s human nature.

Remember, you are the expert.  Relax, have fun, and have a massively profitable World Hypnotism Day event!

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