The ‘News’ Postcard: A Kick Ass Example of Lead Generation

This is a great lesson in both 2-Step Lead Generation and how to really make use of Direct Mail. You should study this seemingly simple looking postcard and ask yourself, how can I use something like this in my Hypnotherapy practice.

This postcard is one used by a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Neilsen, who lives in a very small town in Minnesota. I forget the exact population, but it’s less than 25,000.

By using lead generation tools like this in his marketing, he not only has a full practice that is able to support a full time staff of three. He drove out his competition in less than 5 years and is now the ONLY chiropractor in the town.

Now If your ears didn’t perk up and take notice at that last sentence, then you may not be cut out to be a business owner.

You’ll notice I’ve done some markup on this to point out where he is using elements of direct response marketing that make this work so well.

First there is an attention grabbing headline that promises a BENEFIT. If you were the target market for this service, this would make you stop and read the rest of the post card.

Next he has created an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. If you have a work injury he’ll provide you a Free Injury Evaluation. This is appealing since often people who work at labor jobs don’t like to pay co-payments if they can avoid it.

Then there is the CALL TO ACTION. This simply means you tell them to take the next step now. In this case he says "Please go to:" and directs them to his website.

If you don’t tell people what to do, they most likely won’t do anything. As an example, you are probably reading this article because I posted on a forum and told you to come read this article… 😉 Lead Generation Postcard
He lists his web address in what’s known as a ‘Johnson Box’ at the bottom. This is to be sure people don’t miss it.

And finally you’ll notice that he gives this program a special and unique name that communicates a BENEFIT again. The Rapid Return To Work Program.

When you go to the website above, you’ll notice the name is now "Rapid Work Injury Relief Program", which if you think about it, promises an even better benefit. People don’t want to go back to work right away, but they do want RELIEF from their injury as fast as possible. I’ll bet you he tested that since the postcard went out and made the change.

This again is clever marketing, and sets his program apart from it being just regular old chiropractic care you can get anywhere. You should be doing this, and if you aren’t, start now.

Some other things that make this postcard work, are that it looks like a news article that was cut out using those jagged scissors I remember my mom used when she did sewing.

It could have been even more realistic looking if it had the ‘torn out’ look, but this is still very effective, and having met Doc Nielsen at a marketing conference, I’m sure he tested this and knows it works well.

Notice that nowhere does he talk about buying something. This is a key point that most people miss. Even if their insurance does pay 100%, I’ll bet his program isn’t cheap. If he tried to sell it with a postcard, he’d be lucky to get anyone to sign up.

But, instead he’s offering FREE information and a FREE evaluation of their injuries. This is known as a NO-RISK NEXT STEP.

If he has targeted the right market, they have no reason NOT to take him up on his offer. That’s what an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER is all about.

Now I leave you with an important exercise:

Figure out what emotions the copy triggers in the postcard above

Now, go get some clients.


  • I noticed reference to World Hypnosis Day 2007 on some of your older pages.

    Is this an ongoing event and if so when is it.

    My local asscn. (Professional Hypnotists of Western Australia Inc.) have no information on it.

    Can you help as I would like to use the event for promoting my new practise.

    David Whyte.
    Natural Hypnosis

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