The Powerful Emotion of DESIRE

There is a story about Women from the UK who spent over 300,000 pounds on diets and still can’t keep slim.  There is a very BIG lesson to be learned from this article, and also some great marketing opportunities any hypnotist doing weight loss should jump on.

This is news story that came out in the UK. 


Kim Baird and Jane McCadden are unable to lose weight at any price


The Powerful Emotion of DESIRE

One woman said she has spent over 200,000 pounds ($396,083.23 in US Dollars) on her quest, including £30,000 ($59,409.49) on three trips to weight loss boot camps in the U.S. and Canada, plus a spiritual retreat in Hawaii aimed at resolving why she overate.

The really big lesson here is her level of DESIRE to attain her goal of being thin.

There is a reason I call what I do Emotional Direct Response Copywriting.  We humans BUY ON EMOTION! This story is one of the best examples of this in action.  Especially about how emotions drive people who want to be thin.

What you should get from this

  1. You are likely not charging enough for your services.

    Think of it this way, if this woman had come to you early on and you charged her $5000, you would have saved her years of agony and $391,083.23!  She would have been delighted to find such an option.

  2. You should be offering a highly personalized ‘Luxury’ package for people like this for whom money is not a concern when they want results. 

    They are willing to pay for extra service to get what they want and make sure it sticks. You’ll be amazed at how many will jump on the more expensive ‘luxury’ option.


Two Ways Hypnotists Can Use This In Your Marketing

  1.  Print the story out and show it to any prospective weight loss clients.

    Take a yellow highlighter and highlight how much she spent and still hasn’t resolved her weight problem.  Add a page that explains why hypnosis would have gotten to the core issue and saved her all the time, hassle, and expense.

    Then follow that with pages of testimonials from your clients with before and after photos.

  2. Put out a press release referring to this story explaining how hypnosis could have saved her almost $400,000 dollars and years of yo-yo dieting.  

    Be sure to have some ‘proof elements’ in your release to back up what you say. You could also tie it in to New Years Resolutions and how to be 100% certain you will stick to it.  Send it to your local media outlets.


Be sure to have a killer headline!

Here’s an example of a headline I would use if I were to put out a press release tied into this story:

"San Francisco Hypnotist Claims He Could Have Saved UK Woman
$391,083 and 20 Years In Her Quest To Lose Weight"


One last BIG Idea

This one will only be good for the first one to act on it…

Contact her and offer her your services for free.  Tell her you read her story and felt compelled to contact her to help her get out of the cycle of yo-yo diets.

Since she has been in the news, if she agrees you’ll virtually be guaranteed a follow up story (assuming you are successful), and the media attention will more than make up for the time you ‘donate’ to working with her.

You might even leverage this to get on TV interview shows if you play your cards right.

This woman has literally tried EVERYTHING except hypnosis.  If you are the hypnotist who works with her you will become a celebrity.

I do hope one of you jumps on this amazing opportunity.

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