Tools For Internet Marketing: Integrated Shopping Cart & Email System

I need a turnkey system for my hypnosis business that has a shopping cart, email list, and autoresponders. What do you recommend? Thank you, Patsy

Hi Patsy, I recommend you take a look at the integrated One Shopping Cart System. They provide an integrated solution which has email, autoresponders, shopping cart, contact database, adtracking, and an affiliate system.

You can pay for which functions you need now, and seamlessly add more later. You can also use the same account for more than one business, but you may not want to do that just to keep the activities seperated.

While their software isn’t perfect, after years of testing other online systems against this one, for a small business that wants to do business on the Internet, there is nothing better. Especially the adtracker system. That piece alone is worth the cost of the thing. You absolutely must use this piece, the marketing and sales data it can provide you is invaluable.

One of my clients was ready to pay for a system that cost almost $7000 per year, but after evaluating what it did, we found that 1Shopping Cart’s system outperformed it substantially.

You can test drive the system for one month for $3.95, which is a great way to get to know it.

I won’t lie to you, there’s a learning curve, but they have a good help system and if you start simple and do one thing at a time, you can pick it up fairly quickly.

Here’s the link to the 30 day test drive offer: 1ShoppingCart 30 day Trial Offer

I’m also going to recommend you sign up for an email course which will tell you how to set up the shopping cart. It’s by Christina Hills who goes by the title ‘Shopping Cart Queen‘.

Sign up for her FREE email tips course. In it she tells you how to set up the shopping cart and provides online videos so you can see what to do and follow along. It doesn’t cost anything and even I learned a couple of good tricks from her. 🙂

You can sign up here : Shopping Cart Queen Email Tips Course I think she also sells a more detailed product on how to set up the shopping cart too.

Now, go get some clients.


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