Twitter: Fun, Easy & Useful Social Media

There have been a lot of requests to learn what new Internet Web 2.0 & Social Networking technologies can help promote hypnosis, hypnosis products, and hypnotherapy services.

As I have said in previous posts ( Myspace, FaceBook, etc. ), before you go crazy learning all these technologies (and they ALL have a learning curve), remember the basic principles of marketing ( Message, Market, Media ) and analyze if the tool meets your marketing criteria.

Today I’m going to introduce you to a tool I’ve been using for about a year called Twitter.

What is Twitter? Below is their official definition:

At first glance, this seems like another silly web 2.0 time waster. The kind of thing Kids could spend all day on, sending pointless messages to each other.

BUT… there is so much more to it than that.

First… Twitter is like Micro-Blogging

I’ll give Dave Taylor credit for coining that term. And I think it fits very well for how Twitter is currently being used.

In fact, it’s how I’m going to suggest you learn how to use Twitter. Once you get an account, I’m going to ask you to follow my Twitter feed. You’ll learn a lot about Internet Marketing by following me around as I visit sites and post a "Tweet" (Twitter post) about what I’ve discovered.

In fact, I posted on Twitter, that I’m writing this post on about how to use Twitter, just before I wrote this post. In other words, I made what is in fact a tiny blog post.

Here is what it looks like in Twhirl, notice how it looks like mini-blog posts…

Posting on Twitter does some very cool things:

  • Notifies everyone following my Tweet, that I’ve posted an article they might want to read
  • Let’s anyone following my Tweet know there is a cool place for Hypnotists called (you can put links in your Tweet).
  • As I write posts like this, people following my Twitter feed, come to know me as an EXPERT on Internet Marketing and Marketing for Professional Hypnotists
  • Tweets have an RSS feed, so my Tweet gets more mileage by showing up on blogs and newsreaders subscribed to the feed
  • Twitter is searchable by keyword, so any one searching on words like Marketing, Internet Marketing, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Marketing, etc will find my past Tweets on these subjects.
  • It’s easy to pass Twitters on to others so they can spread quickly

Now, for the big bold claim about Twitter…

It could replace Email!

Bold prediction right? But if you had any idea how poor email delivery is these days, you might agree with me (at least after you use Twitter for a bit).

Listen, there are some good reasons I say that Twitter could become the preferred communication tool online, but they won’t make sense till you use it.

So let’s get you signed up, okay? Great let’s do it.

  1. Point your web browser at
  2. Click on the Get Started – Join Button

  3. Pick a username (try to use your full name if you want people to easily find you, otherwise you could try your business name). Enter a password, and your email address.

  4. Click the "Create My Account" Button, and Bingo! You’re done.

Now, you can do things like customize your account, add links to your website, upload a photo etc. And I do advise you to do it, because this helps people get to know you and can llead them to your business website.

But for now, I just want you to get used to the tool by following my Tweet. First thing, make sure you are logged in to your Twitter account.

Then go to my Twitter page at

Look directly under my photo (It’s a cute shot don’t ya think?) for the big gray FOLLOW button.

Click the button. Presto! You are now following my feed. Woo Hoo!

I’ll make sure to put out Tweets on a regular basis so you can get used to using Twitter.

I’ll also make some videos about how to customize it, and some other very cool apps that work with Twitter.

Right now I just want you to get started so you can ask questions. Then I want us as a group to begin using Twitter to promote Hypnosis online.

This is going to be fun!



P.S. You can send me a personal message on Twitter by beginning the message with




  • Craig,are Twitter and Twhirl different sites? If you sign up to one are you automatically signed up for the other? If not, why would you want both? And if I signed up on Twhirl (which I have) how can I follow you?

  • Twhirl is a tool that makes it much easier (and more fun) to use Twitter.

    Normally you would have to post from your web browser, but Twhirl is a dedicated twitter posting application. Plus it has search features built in that Twitter doesn’t offer on the website.



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