Using A Book As A Marketing Tool

Most Burning Question:

I am thinking about writing a book to help me get more clients for my hypnosis business. Is this a good idea? What do I need to know before I start?

A book can be a killer lead generation piece because of the elements of positioning you as an expert, believability (important), and credibility (less important).

But, there are some structures you need to ad to get the maximum mileage from a book.


Use Irresistable Offers In Your Book

In marketing lingo these are called "bounce backs", and are essentially mechanisms to get the prospects to give you contact information so you have permission to market to them further.

In most books, the closest thing you will see is a website listed.  It’s even better if the website is listed on every page in the header or footer area. The problem is, this won’t be enough to motivate most people to bother to go to the website.

The way to get people to get up and go to their computer and take the time to type in your website address is to put offers in your book that are so irresistable they would feel like a fool not to take advantage of the offer.

So the strategy becomes putting offers in through out the book where they can’t help but get noticed. You can put full pages with an offer in key locations.

Get Contact Info

If you have been following my teachings, you know that getting contact information is itself a transaction.  This is a key concept so remember it.   With that understanding, what you want to do is craft an offer that provides the reader with something they will really want to have, in exchange for their contact info.

You now also have permission to send them direct mail or email.  Direct mail is best, but email is better than no contact info.

Types of Offers

Here are just a few kinds of offers you can have in your book.

  • Email Course
  • A Special Report
  • Extra Chapters (the publisher made you leave out)
  • Seminar Tickets
  • Teleseminar invitation
  • Free trial of your newsletter
  • Free CD
  • Free DVD
  • Free Audit or Consultation

Dan Kennedy said at the last conference I was at, that the clients he gets from his books are his best clients.

The Bookmercial

This concept works so well, a friend of mine has started a company to create books like this for Silicon Valley CEO’s.  He calls these Bookmercials (a play on the word infomercial).  He only recently started this company and is already doing very well with it.  What this means is the CEO’s understand the value of using a book like this a marketing tool.

You can check out his website here:



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