Using Video To Get Hypnosis Clients (Example)

This hypnotist is very clever.

He found an awesome 5-minute video on YouTube that explains how your brain can cause chronic pain.

Then he wrote an article around the video about how HE uses hypnosis to teach people how to reduce or eliminate chronic pain.

Plus he offers a free Hypnosis MP3 related to reducing pain.

Then he tells you how to get your free consultation.

This is Smart Marketing!

And he has an email newsletter sign up. (Still rare among hypnotists even though I’ve been teaching how to use email marketing for the last 4 years)

Who is this hypnotist?

Glad you asked… it’s Roger Moore.

The article he wrote is called:

“Understand Pain and Retrain Your Brain”

Go check it out.

And this is the video he uses in the article

Pay close attention to the video and imagine you have chronic pain.

Does the video help you understand the problem could be in your brain?

Could this help you decide hypnosis might solve your problem?

And most important… Could this help you decide Roger might solve your problem?

I’ll let you answer that.

What I know is this… hypnotists I consult with who start using video in their marketing see a BIG bump in conversion.

And by conversion I mean more paying clients.

If you’re not using video in your marketing…

Put it on your to-do list now.

And remember… you don’t have to create videos to use them in your marketing.

Do what Roger did.**

He’s a clever guy.

** Do NOT copy Roger’s article. Create your own original article or blog post. Use what he did for ideas & inspiration.

Start taking advantage of YouTube to drive traffic, generate leads and boost your revenue!

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