VIDEO: How To Use Google Alerts For Hypnotists – Part I

This video shows how Hypnotists can use Google Alerts to keep their finger on the pulse of the world.

Knowing what is a hot topic is good for getting out timely press releases. And you can discover great news stories to use as PROOF ELEMENTS in your marketing.

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  • Thank you so much, going to set up google alerts right after I finish typing this. I think it’s so generous that even while taking care of your mom you’re willing to send out a great video for our education and inspiration. Hi to mom and hope it’s stopped snowing in Montana (my son lives there and he reported snow yesterday!)

  • You should check out, they are like Google Alerts only better. I have been using google alerts, and one thing that i dont like is the lack of archive information, and the information is usually fragmented or disjointed in some cases. I have been using the filtrbox beta for the past week and am recommending it to those you really enjoying consuming information in an efficient manner. Liked the video, but i would like to see it done in filtrbox.
    Thanks again

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