Video: The Worst Ad Ever!

In this video you’ll see three drastically different display ads, including what I’m calling the Worst Ad Ever. You’ll learn what works in each ad, what doesn’t, and why… so you can use what you learn to make your hypnosis marketing better.

I’ve got a new camera, and am learning a new piece of video software that absolutely rocks! Enjoy the show…

Please be sure to leave your comments below and let me know how you liked it.


  • Craig is evolving into one of the brilliant young minds that will shape the marketing world tomorrow. I’ve been following him on Twitter for quite a while and always enjoy the thoughts and refreshing perspective he brings me. Thanks Craig for a breath of fresh air in the old bus ride of internet marketing.

  • Nice work Craig. Although you’ve probably improved the results for ‘the Worse Ad Ever’ by getting me curious about what it’s actually for! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Craig,
    I must have heard the points you’ve made on the video so many times but not delivered as effectively as you have done. Thank you so much. I am reviewing my advertising copy with clearer eyes.

    And very importantly for the work we do, your voice is very easy on the ear!

    Keep me posted.

  • Nice work, Craig. Very compelling side-by-side comparison. Also nice job with the new video equipment 😉

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