Why Hypnotherapists Must Use Testimonials In Your Marketing

When I make a statement, I want to back it up with Undeniable Proof.  It’s a secret to marketing success.  So today I’ll provide you with proof on why you should use testimonials as proof in your marketing.

A recent study done by market research firm Vizu Corp., shows that almost 80 percent of US shoppers place more trust in products and services that have ratings & reviews from customers. 

The Key To Building Trust

The key word in the statement above is TRUST!

Trust is at an all time low, especially online.  Consumers are swamped with advertising and marketing messages, and most business try to stand out by shouting and making ridiculous claims and promises.  It’s like everyone is making Monster Truck race style ads.

Testimonials are your clients giving a review of their experience.  In fact, it’s a very personalized form of review.  Especially when they provide you a hand-written copy. 

From the Vizu report…  "The fact that a brand will allow customer reviews of it’s products really does a lot to grow brand recognition and consumer trust."

They also note that 3 out of 4 shoppers online think it was EXTREMELY or VERY IMPORTANT to read customer reviews before making a purchase.   And that consumers prefer customer reviews over expert reviews by 6 to 1.

If those numbers don’t make you run out and start putting testimonials on EVERY marketing piece you have, I don’t know what will.

It’s hard enough to overcome all the fears and misconceptions about Hypnosis.  Testimonials can make it much easier.

Listen, it’s your choice, but if you are not using all the testimonials you can get your hands on, you are wasting one of the most powerful decision tools your prospects use when they look at your business.

Best of all… they are free!  All you have to do is ask,  most happy clients will be delighted to give you one.

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