Why Hypnotists Need To Use 2-Step Lead Generation

In the carpet cleaning biz the old strategy was "pick us and we’ll clean a room for free!" Joe Polish changed it to giving ‘carpet audits’, informing and teaching rather than trying to sell. Chet Homes calls this leading with market research rather than product research. In the carpet biz  Chet and Joe educated clients citing EPA findings, and showed them how cleaning the rugs lead to healthier homes and so on.   When you educate you take the roll of an expert. Who do you want to interact with, a salesman or an expert that has your best interest in mind?

Joe Polish is correct. There are many reasons why this strategy works so well.  To understand it, you need to understand the fundamental Direct Response Marketing method known as 2-Step Lead Generation Marketing.

In reality this can be a multi-step system.  My experience is, most hypnotists are trying to get the one-step sale which is an advertisement that says "call now to book a session".

The one-step ad will only work for people who already know they want to see a hypnotist.

You need to use the 2-step process when your product or service meets one of these criteria:

  1. The prospect wants more information but feels like they will get ‘sold’ if they call or come by.
  2. The prospect has fears or misunderstandings about what you do
  3. The prospect has no reason to believe you are any better than other available options.
  4. There is an overall distrust of the industry you are in.

Offering a risk-free next step as a way to find out more about how you can solve their problem

  • Education: You helps them learn about you and what you do that can solve their problem.
  • Trust: You build trust because you are not trying to ‘sell’ them, instead you are giving them information to make an educated decision. 
  • Positioning: The see you as an expert in this area.  Most people prefer to deal with an expert.


So rather then a free session, perhaps a hypnotic analysis.  This would be preceded by instead of just a free session coupon, an article — Five things you must know before even thinking about getting a past life regression hypnosis session.

Don’t sell hypnosis!  Don’t sell regression either, it’s a tool to achieve an outcome.  Your prospective client wants the outcome and wants their problem solved.

Think about it this way, your dentist doesn’t tell you all about their drill bits and materials for filling your teeth.  They tell you they can stop the pain in your mouth, keep your teeth from falling out, and make you more attractive.  That’s what people want.

Ask yourself the question, how could I do a sample session that would let my prospective client know I could solve their reporting problem in such a way that it would result in an increase in sales of my hypnosis packages.

You can call it a ‘sample session’, ‘evaluation’, ‘screening’, etc.

And at the end of that you can do a couple of things. You must reduce fear,  they don’t know you from Adam right? the article will help to introduce yourself to them, but along with that and putting your website up for them to check out you can maybe put a toll free number for them to call with a  recorded program that they could call up and listen to so that they can feel  more at ease. Everyones got a phone, almost everyone’s got a cell phone.

I advise my client’s to use the "Special Report" format.  These can be called many things, such as in a high tech company it would be called a "White Paper".

The structure is problem-agitate-solve.  You explain the problem, show how the problem impacts their life, then show how you solve the problem with PROOF your solution works.

You can offer this through an 800 service where they leave name/address. If you do, make sure you ‘key’ each ad so you know where they came from.

Suggested Reading:  To see an example of how the 2-step process works, with an ad driving propects to get a free report and more information on how the prospect can get their free ‘evaluation’.  See this article on my blog

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