World Hypnotism Day 2007 On Late Late Show

This was originally posted on a hypnosis marketing forum by Tom Nicoli.

It is 12:56 EST and I was just sitting back flipping television channels enjoying some down time after another successful World Hypnotism Day. I came across the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. This is the show opposite Conan O’brien.

And what was part of his monologue?… "Today is the 3rd Annual World Hypnotism Day. I missed the first 2."

(He then made body language references suggesting he was hypnotized.)  Craig then went on to joke that he attended a stage show when he was 18 and when he was on stage he said "I want to kiss a guy" and the hypnotist replied, "I haven’t hypnotized you yet."

After the laugh, Craig Ferguson went on to wish all hypnotists well on the 3rd Annual World Hypnotism Day. There was no slander and no poking fun. How refreshing it was…

This is a sure sign that World Hypnotism Day has reached a new level and is on the way to becoming as mainstream and recognized as other well known events such as The Great American Smokeout.

What a way to end January 4th, World Hypnotism Day…

Tom Nicoli

This was just one of many success stories from World Hypnotism Day.  And it happened because of a PRESS RELEASE.  In fact when you watch the monologue, you’ll see a shot of the actual press release that Tom sent out.

And if that doesn’t motivate you to use this event as part of your marketing strategy every year, I don’t know what will.

If you didn’t participate, mark your calendar now for next years, and go register at the World Hypnotism Day website.  You’ll get a ton of FREE resources you can use to get in on the publicity generated.

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