World Hypnotism Day On The Radio

Tom Nicoli, Founder of World Hypnotism Day, will be featured on The Jordan Rich Show at 10 PM EST, this Sunday, Dec 30th. This is on WBZ AM radio Boston and can be heard on their website at Just click ‘Listen Live Now’ to hear it on your computer.

According to Tom, “The show will be to promote hypnotism and World Hypnotism Day, both of which Jordan is a supporter.”

They will be taking phone calls, so you can call in and ask questions on the show.

Tom also pointed out that one of the WHD Member Resources is Tom interviewing Jordan Rich on How to Get Radio & Television Interviews.

To get access to the World Hypnotism Day free resources for promoting your event, you need to apply for member access using the below link:

Be sure to tune in and listen to Tom on the radio. You’ll get some great ideas on how you too can use free publicity to promote your event.

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